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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you to achieve your ideal state of health, clarity and radiance, your beauty within.  We use advanced holistic aromatherapy and body reflexology.

Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Holistic aromatherapy combined with body reflexology is a simple method of applying oils to control points or nerve endings of the body.  I apply gentle hand pressure and rotational movements at these control points to direct the vibrational healing energy of the oils up the meridian pathways.  The oils help to clear blockages and deliver their healing qualities to a particular organ.   

Your Benefits

• Re-energise

• Pain relief

• De-stress

• Detox

• Release anxiety & depression

• Call to discuss how I can help   with your specific needs

Our Services

First Aid – Aromatherapy Massage

For pain or tension relief.  Massage relieves muscular spasm.  Essential oils have a deep pain relief effect.  My healing touch works at a mind – body – spirit level to address the source of the pain.

Body – Detox & Cleansing Foot Reflexology

Traditional feet reflexology with cleansing essential oils.
Harmonises and balances the system.  Effective for pain relief, skin problems, numbness, allergies, weight loss.

Mind – Emotional Balance Full-Body Reflexology

For stress relief, panic, grief, pain relief, addiction, depression, high blood pressure.  Treating the reflex zones of the face, head, hands and feet with uplifting & harmonising essential oils. 

Spirit – Inner Beauty Facial & Cranial Reflexology

Bring joy, love, sensuality and vitality back into your life.   Advanced facial, head and upper-chest reflexology with essential oils, for those committed to developing the balance between mind, body and spirit.  As your spirit awakens, your inner beauty shines through you.  

Course of Treatment

Depending on your state of health, you may need a wellbeing plan. I will coach you through a course of treatment to support your wellbeing plan. It could start with cleansing your body, then work on balancing your emotions, and progress to spiritual healing. I may recommend specific Bach Flower essences, medical herbs, or crystal therapy that will support your healing and growth. You should integrate my energy healing with your regular medical healthcare. Typically, after three sessions you will regain your inner strength and clarity – these will be your tools and ability to begin your self-healing and to achieve your balance between mind body and spirit, your inner beauty begins to shine through.

Appointment times

Monday to Wednesday:

11:00 – 12:00     13:00 – 14:00     15:00 – 16:00

Thursday to Friday:

11:00 – 12:00     13:00 – 14:00     15:00 – 16:00     17:00 - 18:00     19:00 - 20:00


30 Min clinical consultation + 60 min treatment: £60

First Aid - Aromatherapy Massage

Body - Detox and Cleansing

Mind - Emotional Balance

Spirit - Inner Beauty

Tester / Quick Wellness Treatment (45 min)  £30

Come in and see our high quality essential oils, herbal teas, other remedies and gifts

About Tunde

Tunde is a devoted and passionate healer.  Her mission is to help you to achieve your ideal state of health, clarity and radiance.  Tunde works from a deep personal connection - channelling and working with the divine ray of love.  She nurtures and cares for each client, she seeks to understand your specific needs and deal with the root of the problem.  During your session, she is intuitively guided to the blockages in your energy system that cause your imbalances.

Tunde has been a devout student of the spiritual path since she went through great life challenges followed by a profound awakening.  She acknowledges that the healing that happens in her practice does not come from her, but rather that she is connecting to the higher source.

Her roots are in Hungary, a land blessed with an ancient heritage of spiritual healing which has been handed down as a sacred gift from generation to generation.  Tunde is the embodiment of this gift.

One of Tunde’s most treasured teachers was the last great Shaman of Hungary “Mate Imre bacsa – Rabakozi Tudo,” (Yotengrit) is unfortunately passed on from this world now, but Tunde honours her deep relationship with him and the unique teaching that he gave her.

Tunde now spends much of her time in retreat and solitude at her home deep in the forested hills of Hungary, where she studies, re-energises and connects deeply with her divine nature.  Here is the sacred place for her spirit to reintegrate and it is this rare quality that she brings to her healing practice.

Please refer to what other people say about their life-changing experiences of Tunde's healing work.

Tunde has completed 6 years of formal training and is widely qualified and experienced both in Hungary and in the UK.  She has been a nurse in clinical and emergency environments; also trained and practiced as a Natural Holistic Healer, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist.  She worked as a at the top of the Wellness industry as a leading therapist in the world-famous Boscolo Spa in Budapest.

Qualifications:  General Adult Nursing, Ambulance Nursing, Natural Holistic Healing:  Medical Herbalism, Bach Flower Therapy, Bio-Energetic Healing, Acupressure, Reflexology, Aroma-touch Technique, Facial Reflexology, Advanced Feet Reflexology.

Beauty within


What my Clients Say

I came to Tunde for an inner Beauty Treatment.  The whole experience was really amazing, and I feel all of my tension has been released.  I’ll definitely come back.

Hannah Cartwright

I felt very stressed, fatigued and tired and looking for answers.  This is a place of pure relaxation.  I had an Emotional Balance treatment and I came away feeling happier, less stressed, more energy, and it lasted long after.  Now I am doing a course of detox reflexology, which is helping me to manage my weight.  I can highly recommend her.

Esther Domson

What a wonderful experience when you are tired and stressed. Totally professional which makes for a relaxing treatment. Thank you for a truly lovely experience and I look forward to seeing you again.

Brenda Butler


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