About Tunde

Healer Aromatherapy Reflexology

Tunde is a devoted and passionate holistic therapist with a wise heart an child-like spirit.  Her mission is to help you to achieve your ideal state of health, clarity and radiance.  Tunde works from a deep personal connection - channelling and working with the divine love.  She nurtures and cares for each client, she seeks to understand your specific needs and deal with the root of the problem.  During your session, she is intuitively guided to the blockages in your energy system that cause your imbalances.  She acknowledges that the healing that happens in her practice does not come from her, but rather that she is connecting to the higher source.

Tunde has been a devout student of the spiritual path since she went through great life challenges followed by a profound awakening.  Her 9 years of intense study of the Theosophical teachings gave her the theoretical grounding which over time, developed into her mystical Christian spirituality.  She became committed to being the vehicle of the Holy Mother.  This is practical mysticism and in her workshops for women, she opens the way for every woman's rebirth into the sacred feminine - toward becoming the Holy Mother's instruments on Earth of compassion, healing and unconditional maternal love.

Her roots are in Hungary, a land blessed with an ancient heritage of spiritual healing which has been handed down as a sacred gift from generation to generation.  Tunde is the embodiment of this gift - the female shaman fulfilling the tradition of the ancient Medicine Woman Healer.  One of Tunde’s most treasured teachers was the last great Shaman of Hungary “Máté Imre bácsa ” (Yotengrit) is unfortunately passed on from this world now, but Tunde honours her deep relationship with him and the unique teaching that he gave her.

Tunde now spends much of her time in retreat and solitude at her home deep in the forested hills of Hungary, where she re-energises and connects deeply with her divine nature.  Here is the sacred place for her spirit to reintegrate and it is this rare quality that she brings to her healing practice.

Please refer to what other people say about their life-changing experiences of Tunde's healing work.

Tunde has completed 6 years of formal training and is widely qualified and experienced both in Hungary and in the UK.  She has been a nurse in clinical and emergency environments; also trained and practiced as a Naturopath, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist.  She worked at the top of the Wellness industry as a leading therapist in the world-famous Boscolo Spa in Budapest.