First Aid – Pain Relief Aromatherapy Massage

For back & shoulder pain or tension relief. Massage relieves muscular spasm and improves circulation.  Essential oils have a deep pain relief effect.  My healing touch works at a mind – body – spirit level to address the source of the pain.

Body – Detox & Cleansing Foot Reflexology

Traditional feet reflexology with cleansing essential oils. Harmonises and balances the system.  Effective for headache, constipation, hormonal disorders, diabetes, post-op recovery, skin problems, numbness, allergies, weight management.

Mind – Emotional Balance Full-Body Reflexology

Rejuvenation through the reflex zones of the back, feet, face, head, hands with uplifting and harmonising essential oils. For stress relief, panic, grief, addiction, depression, high blood pressure, and to boost the immune system.

Spirit – Inner Beauty Facial & Cranial Reflexology

Bring joy, love, sensuality and vitality back into your life with this treatment reaching the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy. Advanced facial and head reflexology applying sacred essential oils, for those committed to developing the balance between mind, body and spirit.  As your spirit awakens, your inner beauty shines through you.