Aromatherapy & Reflexology

My Services – Women only – Winchester

Pain Relief Aromatherapy Massage

For back & shoulder pain or tension relief. (more…)

Detox & Cleansing Foot Reflexology

Traditional feet reflexology with cleansing essential oils. (more…)

Emotional Balance Full-Body Reflexology

Rejuvenation through the reflex zones of the back, feet, face, head, hands with uplifting and harmonising essential oils. (more…)

Inner Beauty Facial & Cranial Reflexology

Bring joy, love, sensuality and vitality back into your life with this treatment reaching the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy. (more…)

Crystal Goddess Treatment

This treatment will bring you to the full expression of your femininity at the highest level. Beautiful flower mandalas are placed on each of your chakra, while massaging your body reflex points with crystal bars. (more…)

Healing by Gentle Touch

Recommended for people who have been traumatised or abused, bringing you consolation and peace. (more…)

Pranayama Treatment

The aim of this treatment is to activate your kundalini, towards enlightenment. Guided taoist breathing techniques and massaging through the energy channels – nadis. (more…)

Inner-Child Treatment

For those traumatised, abused, hurt, carrying heavy emotional pain – even trans-generational. This treatment is a hands-on spiritual healing. (more…)

Holistic Health Practice

Holistic Aromatherapy combined with body Reflexology is a simple method of applying oils to control points or nerve endings of the body. I apply gentle hand pressure and rotational movements at these control points to direct the vibrational healing energy of the oils along the neuroelectrical pathways.  The oils help to clear blockages and deliver their healing qualities to a particular organ. It stimulates the body's own healing processes to help you achieve and fulfil physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

Spiritual Healing is the art of channelling Divine energy.  My aim is to bring you back to your immaculate ‘little rose’ state.  In that state, your emotional healing is spontaneous.

I use only certified 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from doTERRA.

Supporting your Wellbeing Plan

In your session we will look at multiple aspects of your life, including your physical symptoms, nutrition, exercise, stress, relationships, predisposing factors, environment, triggering events, psycho-spiritual state and lifestyle.  I propose a personalised well-being plan and coach you through a course of treatment to support your goals and fulfil your dreams. Read more...


My Skills

Aromatic Medicine
Intuitive Guidance
Spiritual Healing

Your Benefits

• Re-energise

• Pain relief

• De-stress

• Detox

• Release anxiety & depression

• Spiritual development

• Rebirth of the sacred feminine

• Call to discuss how I can help with your specific needs

Appointment times

I take only women clients - or men by referral.

Monday to Saturday:  9:00 – 19:00


92-94 Sussex Street, Winchester, SO238TH


Your first treatment:  

£40 / 60 min

Discounted follow-up treatments:

£30 / 60 min

Course of treatment:

6 times 60 minute treatments for £150/month

Come in and see our high quality essential oils, herbal teas, other remedies and gifts

About Tunde


Tunde works from a deep personal connection - channelling and working with the divine love.  She nurtures and cares for each client, she seeks to understand your specific needs and deal with the root of the problem.  During your session, she is intuitively guided to the blockages in your energy system that cause your imbalances.

Tunde's aim is to bring you back to your immaculate feminine state, the purity of the child, and the wholeness of your spirit.


My Story

For some years now I have used the name ‘Little Rose’ for my emotional healing practice.  The story started when I moved from Hungary to England, and by divine coincidence and timing, I moved to a cottage called “Little Rose”.  Here I started my UK healing practice and decided to use the name of the cottage.  This name however has a very profound meaning and it is at the centre of my healing method, my daily practice and inspiration.


Working in Dual Therapy

While my treatments heal at the deepest sub-conscious level, I sometimes recommend a Dual-Therapy approach to consciously integrate these profound changes into your life.  For this, I work in partnership with Mark, an experienced Psychotherapist and Life Coach.   Mark brings a depth of experience to help you through tough times, stressful transitions, trauma or grief.  He brings structure and clarity to the aspects of your life that you find unmanageable.   He illuminates where you have been stuck and what needs changing.  He offers deep understanding and empathy and supports you throughout your journey.

Contact Mark:


What my Clients Say

I came to Tunde for an inner Beauty Treatment.  The whole experience was really amazing, and I feel all of my tension has been released.  I’ll definitely come back.

Hannah Cartwright

I felt very stressed, fatigued and tired and looking for answers.  This is a place of pure relaxation.  I had an Emotional Balance treatment and I came away feeling happier, less stressed, more energy, and it lasted long after.  Now I am doing a course of detox reflexology, which is helping me to manage my weight.  I can highly recommend her.

Esther Domson

What a wonderful experience when you are tired and stressed. Totally professional which makes for a relaxing treatment. Thank you for a truly lovely experience and I look forward to seeing you again.

Brenda Butler


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